What’s Flippin’ at PW? Only the best or should I say Paragon…

That’s right! Bally’s Paragon. We only bring you the best at Pinball Wizards. 

1979 pinball with a cool flipper layout. One upper left flipper that helps keep the ball out of the left drain and to hit some stand-up across the play field. Two main flippers, with a third that is located above the right side. Game is super fast, especially for the year and is set for no extra balls (EBs). 899,820 is the high score set by Gerald. Come beat it and show him and Paragon who’s boss…

Gameplay Crash Course

Top Tip from pintips.net

Bonus at 20k, 30k or 40k carries over from ball to ball. Build your bonus on ball 1 to ensure bigger points on balls 2 and 3.
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